Economic uncertainty and risk-management resilience 3 trends to watch in 2023

While experts continue to present a bleak image of an imminent recession, businesses throughout the nation are faced with uncertainty and difficult decisions. “We’ve never experienced inflation, recession, pandemic, supply chain issues, social inflation, and labor shortage — all converging at the same time,” notes Matthew Moore, executive vice president and president of underwriting for […]

Infrared thermography

Infrared Thermography

An often forgotten utility Electrical distribution can often go forgotten, leading to lax or inconsistent maintenance and inspection. When electrical equipment fails it often leads to high equipment replacement costs, lengthy downtimes, and interruption in production or operations. One form of maintenance that can provide a huge benefit, with limited interruption in operation, is infrared […]

Boiler room

Boiler Room Safety

The problem with carbon monoxide Carbon monoxide (CO) has no odor, color, or taste, making it a silent killer. Dangerous concentrations of CO can build indoors unbeknownst to personnel until they become ill. More alarming, personnel usually dismiss early symptoms of CO poisoning because they are like the flu. Couple flu-like symptoms with the COVID-19 […]

4 men in hard hats walking towards a construction site

More Accuracy, Less Risk: The Benefits of Regular Property Valuation

Are your organization’s property values up to date with current pricing models? While a minority of businesses “have done a great job keeping their valuations up to pace,” according to Gregg Cunningham, executive vice president of Property & Marine at Liberty Mutual Insurance, “on average, 75 percent of our commercial insureds are under-valued.” If property […]

Water intrusion in construction: Understanding risks, identifying solutions

Project delays. Construction defect claims. Mold. Pollution. These are just a few of the impacts of water intrusion that threaten general contractors. Water intrusion occurrences in commercial construction have increased over the last decade, rivaling fire incidents in both frequency and cost. Fortunately, the construction technology industry has risen to the challenge, creating new water intrusion technology products […]

Mold: a quiet but rapidly growing environmental exposure

At first glance, mold may seem unassuming but for commercial property owners, mold can be a highly problematic hazard that presents significant environmental risk. Although frequently associated with the aftermath of natural disasters, mold is much more likely to result from routine maintenance issues such as leaky pipes or HVAC malfunctions. Taking a proactive approach […]

Male construction worker in hard hat looking at construction plans

3 tips to guard against construction defect claims.

It’s an unfortunate truth: few building owners and general contractors have managed to remain untouched by the impact of construction defect claims – despite continually striving to deliver quality projects safely, on time, and within budget. In fact, 75 percent of construction industry players participating in a, large-scale risk study by Dodge Data & Analytics reported experiencing […]

Press Release: National E&S Insurance Brokers® Partners with CapSpecialty® for Covid-19 Contractor’s Cleanup Coverage Program

National E&S Insurance Brokers®, a California-based wholesale broker specializing in all environmental and construction insurance lines, announces an exclusive Covid-19 cleanup program with CapSpecialty®, a leading provider of specialty insurance for small to mid-sized businesses in the U.S.  This program aims to provide affirmative pollution coverage for contractors doing commercial Covid-19 clean up and remediation […]