Environmental Impairment Liability (Site Pollution)

Commercial Real Estate Environmental Impairment Liability Insurance including Asbestos, Lead, and Fungus/Mold or Legionella.

Commercial Real Estate Environmental Impairment Liability (Site Pollution)

Including Asbestos, Lead, and Fungus/Mold or Legionella

National E & S Insurance Brokers, Inc. has relationships with premier writers of site pollution in the US, we have market access other wholesalers dream of having. This program offers coverage for first party clean-up and third party liability claims arising from covered pollution events.  Coverage can be provided for all pollutants including Asbestos, Lead, and indoor air quality issues such as Fungus/Mold or Legionella.

Policies may be written for periods of 1 or more years. The rates are extremely competitive and surprisingly affordable for property owners. The mold deductible may be reduced by 50% if the insured has a water intrusion and maintenance plan and uses the services of an approved restoration vendor immediately when a water event occurs. Protect your agency errors and omissions policy by offering this on all renewals. Share this with your insured and gain a competitive edge over your competitors.

Program Requirements


  • Claims-made Coverage
  • Fungus and Legionella Coverage Endorsement
  • Exclusion for Willful / Intentional Failure to Respond to a Water/Mold Incident in a Reasonable Manner Once the Insured has been put on notice or otherwise becomes aware of a water or mold incident.

Min. Premium: $15,000
Limits $1M – $10M Retention: $50k – $100k depending on risk*

  • *Credit available 50% of retention for insureds who meet pre-binding risk mgt. qualifications and who enroll with approved vendor to handle water incidents within 48 hours of first notice to insured.

Term: 1 – 3 years

Submission Requirements for Bindable Indication:

  • Environmental Impairment Liability Application
  • Property List / SOV (incl. bldg. sq. footage; age; type of construction)
  • 3 – 5 years updated GL & property loss runs

Documented Risk Management:

  • Formal maintenance staff (in-house or can be subbed to third party on retainer)
  • Evidence of Written Inspection and Maintenance Protocol (for water intrusion issues) (i.e., reports that document period inspection of bldgs. for water / mold issues and a written response protocol for responding to water and/or mold issues once to insured is given notice or becomes aware of an issue);


  • Copy of recent Phase I ESA; OR *
  • Copy of recent Indoor Air Quality Survey or Inspection; OR *
  • Copy of recent property Survey which documents mold/water issues; OR *
  • Other approved pre-binding inspection or survey related to water and/or mold incidents
    (i.e., survey of % of sites with outside consultant)*

* may be waived if insured can provide evidence (documented) that they have a formal maintenance protocol that they have been doing regular inspection and maintenance of their facilities i.e., inspection notes, web based business continuity & emergency response planning application such as Circumspex (www.circumspex.com) and follow-up reports, etc. An acceptable web based continuity program will be eligible for an additional 5% discount.

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