Owner & Developer Project Protective – ODPP

Owner & Developer Project Specific Professional & Pollution


An Owner & Developer Project Protective Policy (ODPP) enables project owners and developers to better control the cost, scope and security of the Professional Liability Errors & Omissions (E&O) and/or Pollution Liability coverage for their projects.

Our ODPP product also provides an easier, more efficient means of handling the procurment and implementation of project insurance. The ODPP solution can be implemented on nearly all types of design and construction projects.

Owner & Developer Project Protective Policy Overview:

  • Financial security through control of the E&O program
  • Owner or Developer is Named Insured
  • Excess of design professionals’ or contractors’ practice policies
  • One policy covers the duration of project
  • Less expensive than typical project insurance policies or wrap-up policies
  • Reduces relationship conflicts with design professionals and contractors
  • Reduced policy maintenance post inception
  • Capital providers (financiers) can be added as additional insured


  • Owner & Developer Project Protective Policy -limits up to $25 million
  • Single or group project basis
  • Multi-year or annual terms

Key Features:

  • Protective Professional Indemnity – The policy will indemnify the Named Insured for damages or losses in excess of their design professionals’ or contractors’ available practice policy insurance or Self Insured Retention, whichever is greater
  • Pollution Liability coverage can be purchased as an option
  • Coverage applies to all professional services on the designated project(s)
  • Claims-made and reported form
  • Automatic extended reporting period (ERP)
  • Covers defense costs for third-party claims arising out of the services performed by the Named Insured’s design professionals or contractors
  • Worldwide coverage, where permissible by law
  • Retroactive coverage is available

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